New Sign Services

5-Step Process


Consulting and Site Surveying

Before the installation or fabricating of signage begins, the professionals at True Aerial Signs complete a thorough site survey of your sign location. We look at all applicable code regulations, types of fascia surface and mounting considerations, dimensions of existing signs and tenant panels, electrical concerns, and visibility observations regarding both traffic and possible visual obstructions. Site photos are taken to ensure correct sizing and placement. And we consider night visibility.

This detailed consulting process lets us learn more about your sign needs. Then we can help you design, build, and install your dream sign while staying on budget.

It is important that you make an educated decision when you decide to make an investment into a company sign. Through the entire process, we work hard to eliminate delays and surprises — essential to both customer satisfaction and a quality installation.



Creating a quality design can increase your visibility and bring in the traffic to whichever market you’re trying to sell to. And, it’s important that you’re confident that the sign you invest in is one that will last.

Whether you’re using an existing logo or need help starting from scratch, True Aerial Signs works through the details with their preferred graphic designer who will guide the design process.

We are confident that we can provide a service that meets your expectations to achieve the look or feel your business needs to succeed.

At True Aerial Signs, we will design your sign, send you proofs, and always give you the final say before we move to fabrication!



While permits might seem an impossible task, it may be necessary in order to make your sign a reality. When you work with True Aerial Signs, we can take care of all of the paper pushing for you.

We make it our business to know the ins and outs of Toledo and the surrounding areas codes and regulations. Because of our extensive knowledge of the government regulations, we know what it takes to get the necessary permits for your company’s sign.

We move the designs through the government ladder, and make sure any issue that might arise are quickly corrected. Forward movement and efficient communication is what we do to get your designs quickly approved.

Should there be any issues with your desired product, True Aerial Signs can help get special allowances for the local codes or ordinances, so we can proceed with the fabrication and installation of your thoughtfully designed sign.



We Build Signs That Last

A crucial part of your sign is the engineering. Our team at True Aerial Signs will fabricate a well-engineered structure to ensure your signs design meets its support and foundation needs.

Building your sign from scratch will bring the personalized touch you want in a great quality, hand-crafted product. Our attention to detail paired with quality materials is a combination that will create a sign that lasts.

We offer full fabricating capabilities in the following areas:

  • Aluminum extrusion and folded-sheet metal cabinet fabrication
  • Custom vinyl graphic application
  • Vacuum form-face and letter manufacturing
  • Channel letter manufacturing
  • Multiple lighting options

Let the professionals at True Aerial Signs create the sign with the signature look you demand. Whether we are fabricating for multiple locations around the Toledo area or a single location around the corner, you can expect only the finest quality fabricating and illumination from True Aerial Signs.



Sign installation is just as important as sign fabrication. Our experienced team of licensed and insured sign installers will install your sign in a timely manner to meet or beat your deadlines. We can install or repair signs of any height or size.

Lets Get Started Today

True Aerial Signs is here for you throughout the entire process. Our commitment to customer service and high quality doesn’t end after the install, we give a five year guarantee on all of our electric products!

Call us today to start your project at 419-708-8230 or contact us online.