Sign Repair & Maintenance

We’ll Service and Repair Any Sign

No job too big or too small! Clean, functioning signs and lighting can increase customer traffic and instill a sense of security aroun your business. After all, the first impression many customers may have about your business is your sign.

Our licensed and insured crew arrive on-site with a fully-equipped vehicle to get the job done. They will diagnose any problems quickly and deliver fast, accurate service to get your sign back in working condition. All of our technicians are provided with mobile communication so that they can effectively communicate with our main office and you to ensure that we make the repairs needed as quickly as possible.

General Repair

Whether it’s vandals, accidents, or the elements causing damage to your sign or letter faces, we can replace most plastic faces or letters and provide any replacement vinyl needed to make your sign readable again. We can repair any type of sign, and our service vehicles are stocked with the components needed to get your sign working properly again.

Sign Cleaning

Like everything else, signs get dirty. Keep your sign faces clean and they’ll give off their best light, and your best impression. Every sign exposed to the elements will eventually get that dirty tired look. Let our service specialists take apart and clean your sign to eliminate the grunge, kick out the spiders, and make sure all your bulbs are burning at their brightest.

Sign Relocation

Do you need a sign removed or an existing sign relocated? You can trust True Aerial Signs to quickly, and cleanly get the task done.

Whether you are a property owner that needs an old sign removed or a growing business that is relocating to a different facility we can accommodate your needs. Our licensed and insured team of experienced sign professionals will take down and remove or relocate your sign without damaging your building. Contact us today for quote.

Lighting Maintenance & Repair

If you find yourself with a burnt out light, True Aerial Signs repairs and replaces sign lighting. Sign lighting can go out over time or due to damage from storms, vandalism, or improper installations. We will replace your sign lighting to restore your signs’ original look and shine.

We can even replace your old sign lighting system with an eco-friendly energy-efficient lighting system to save you money. Whether you need a simple bulb replacement or a full-sign lighting replacement or conversion to a cost-effective eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting system — we are your local sign company!

Scheduled Sign Maintenance

Stay on top of potential outages with regular scheduled service. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of proactive maintenance.